I’m starting another blog.

God! I thought I was done starting and stopping blogs. I’ve never felt that my voice was unique, or interesting. In the end… I’m addicted to starting blogs. It’s the process. I like the process. I always have. For me it’s the same for work and my fitness goals. I always felt that you should reevaluate your goals if you don’t enjoy the process of attaining them. Struggles, yes. Hard, yes. Lows, yes… but I always love the process.

I don’t know what the end goal of me having a blog is. I’ve told myself through a few attempts of blogging that it was to track my growth as a human being, and to share that with my offspring because really that’s the only person I could imagine wanting to visualize it through my poor writing.

I’ll be a father next month, and I’m evaluating a lot of things in life. I’m happy how I’ve lived the first 31 years of my life, and proud of the partner I have to share this experience with. Next month starts a new step towards the future.

Lately I’ve been thinking of the experience calendar that I would like to create for my child. Right now I’m thinking

Age 5: Buy an Airstream and start with weekend trips in Arkansas to build the in car tolerance and the desire for adventure.

Age 7-8: Start venturing out of the state as her desire for adventure and my patience grows.

Age 10: Recreate my summer of 2015 work trip, but add time and a few more places.

After the trip I’d like to evaluate the Airstream. Maybe this is a good time to sell and start traveling farther.

Age 13: Europe.

Ok… I’ve got the first 13 years planned. This parenting this is super easy. I always go into things naive, but as I’m told all the time, I have this insane ability to focus on something to make it happen. We’ll see. In the end I’m out numbered and along for the ride, but this little girl already has some crazy adventures planned.