Let's discuss digital advertising's role in supporting Account-Based Marketing. When you are building out your ABM playbooks I like to make a list of all of the actions or inputs during your customer's journey. Then I think about how I can leverage my digital advertising efforts to move these people another step closer to becoming a customer. Simple.

Want to get started on mapping it out? Use this stages and actions template.

While you are working on all your triggers and actions start conversing with your colleagues. Get buy-in from your leaders and major stake holders on what matters.

Here are some questions I like to ask during Account-Based Marketing related workshops:  

What percentage of potential customers are impacted by digital advertising?  How is digital advertising changing customer journeys?  

What are the impact digital advertising has on customer retention?  How can digital advertising be leveraged for engagement?  

Please do share your thoughts on digital advertising and social media/online advertising in the comment section below!  More to come on this topic!